Americans with Honda facing Yamaha

24/08/2016 - Mondial du Quad 2016

More than an hundred machines. Fifteen nations. The best American pilots facing European and French. The 30th anniversary seems to be promising.

Three of the best American drivers, reunited in the team 4 Liberty Motorsports, led by Doug Henline, will try on their Honda TRX 450 to challenge the Yamaha YFZ 450 R. Beau Baron (6 league titles World Off Road Champions Series ATV and SSV, 2014, 2013, 2012), Jarred McClure (specialist of the bajas, already at Pont-de-Vaux in 2015) and Bryce Neal, (4th place at the GNCC 2016, the must of the quad competition in the States) do not come as tourists, but only to win this 30th edition.
Facing this trio, the competition with many Yam is strong. Let's start with the current leader of the Championship Elite of France that needs no introduction, Jeremiah Warnia. The champion of the United States and Europe has set to himself two objectives. Indeed, The official Yamaha Europe aims to win PDV with
Matthew Lallemand, in the Team Clody, but will also fight for the SSV victory with the new 1000 R YXZ. If the winner of Pont-de-Vaux in 2014 wins those two races, it will be a first historical.

However Cheurlin Antoine (3rd in standings Elite 2016), Julien Marin and Belgian Randy Naveaux, silver in 2015 at the "12 Hours", will only focus on this 30 th edition. It will be the same for Latvian champion of Europe in 2015 and 2016, Edgars Mangelis, and Mangieu Adrien (4th in the ranking Elite) and Florent Ramel (winner of the World Championship in 2012 and 2013). The trio defends the colors of Team Report By-PSR.

Seal, Van Grinsven, Massen, Bunde ...
The caviar!

Fourth in Pont-de-Vaux in 2015, the English Sheldon Seal with the Irish David Cowan will fight for the gold with third pilot Luke Cooper replacing Mike Van Grinsven. The pilot of the Netherlands goes back into the adventure with the Team By Report-PSR, but with a new Franco-Belgian team, Laurent Boissy and Valentin Renson.
Among other foreign teams able to get on the podium, the Dutch Joe Massen (2
Victories at the Mondial with Romain Couprie in 2010 and 2011) associated with the Belgian Romain Peschon and the Spanish Dani Vila. The English-belgico-dutch trio, Lian Garbett, Mark De Vries Davy De Cuyper also participates in this fierce battle.
Do not forget the Belgian Davido Bruneel with English Jack Norris and Dutchman Yesley Hulsof can stands out.
The Briton Carl Bunce with the colors of the Team Rocketman will run the battle with two compatriots Mark McLeron and George Callaway.

The girls too !
In the Vintage category, a Banshee 2 Time wil recall our memories. For the pilotage, a dream threesome, Paul Winrow (GB) that has 3 victories here (1992, 2000, 2001), the Scottish John Mitchell 2 victories (2004 and 2005) and the Nord-Irish Justin Reid, 5th last year.
Beyond the armada Yam, but still Vintage, the Hispanic family of Gobert, the father Marc and the son Gavin with the incontournable French Etienne Hopin will compete with an Honda TRX 250! More modern but still red, on a Honda
TRX 450, Mark Wilson, Mark Hadden and Leon Beda will represent the colors of Scotland at this major international ball, uniting hundred machines !
Yellow this time, two Suzuki LTR 450 will spice up the competition.. Anthony Barret, with the Team Rocketman will share the handlebars of his machine with two other English, Jason Wildman and Lindsley Duke. The second "Suz" will be in the hands of a trio 100% percent French, Cyril Lamet (winner in 2002) and Victor Echar and Franck De Palma.
Among the girls, the Franco-Belgian duo Justine Lesselingue and Kelly Verbraeken is the favorite. They will carry the colors of Team Clody alongside Jeremiah Warnia. Another competitor accustomed to the Mondial, Séverine Astier, with two of her girlfriends from the France championship, Cloe Marfort and the Canadian Alexandra Beliveau will compete on the Yam YFZ 450 R.

Jean-Philippe Auray

Gilles Vitry

Americans with Honda facing Yamaha
Americans with Honda facing Yamaha
Americans with Honda facing Yamaha
Americans with Honda facing Yamaha