Two Argentine pilots this year

25/08/2016 - Mondial du Quad 2016

The Argentine crew Javier Altieri and Nicolas Cavigliasso could destabilize other drivers for the 30 th anniversary

Among the 14 nations present, Argentina sent two of its best pilots
Well known in their country, Javier Altieri and Nicolas Cavigliasso, is mud specialist for the first one and sand specialist for the second one.
Javier won six times "Touquet" in Villa Gessel Argentina. Nicolas, young professional is dominating his league. Both also run in US in "Ama Pro".
Their Yamaha YFZ 450 R will be number 92! this crew can create a surprise.

Nos Photos._ 1. Javier Alteri s’est imposé 6 fois au Touquet à Villa Gessel en Argentine 2. Nicolas Cavigliasso (N°68) dans ses oeuvres

 Two Argentine pilots this year
 Two Argentine pilots this year