The association 18 always there.

31/08/2016 - Mondial du Quad 2016

The association Quad 18 specialized in prevention and first aid, is the key element of the impressive security arrangement set out for the 30th Mondial du Quad.

They are usually present at big extrem sport events including PDV events. The association established in Roussillon was created by Daniel Philippon and gathers around 50 volunteer firemen, .
"2010 was the first time I came, I worked as consultant to carry out a report with the view to improve the security on track; following a fatal accident occured in this year. Maurice Maingret and PDVRacing asked me to be back the following year with the staff and the material of Quad 18 to complete the medical staff." (emergency doctors, nurse, paramedics)
Daniel Philippon was there for the 6th year, with 17 volunteer and professional firemen, and all necessary means for a maximal security: a car for logistics, a motorhome, a fire fighting vehicle, 7 quads, 2 SxS, a Pajero 4x4, and all the necessary security material. "During the past 5 years, we have dealt with minor cases, but we are ready, should a major accident occur. Above all we are present to make a prevention work for preventing accidents."
Furthermore Daniel Philippon, now at the top management, has been appointed as a "point reference" for security in both track and public area. He is the major link with the State services.

Actu Pont de Vaux, Michel Raymond


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The association 18 always there.