A magical 30th birthday!

16/09/2016 - Mondial du Quad 2016

The 30th anniversary of the Mondial went on smoothly! Just a word MAGICAL.

No accident, no incident. Sunny weather, a large and enthusiastic audience from Thursday evening to Sunday afternoon, and the Mondial was marked by the nice victory of the Team DRAG'ON / ESPRIT QUAD.
Antoine Cheurlin, Julien Marin, Randy Naveaux and Axel Dutrie their manager.
The schedule was very intensive, 13 sessions in 4 different races, and each time, suspense, multiple plot twists, fights between the world top riders, in the Kenny Quad Contest, the kids, or with SxS and the constant hand in hand between Yam and Polaris.
Beside the track, the audience was drawn by the outstanding quality of the international freestyle show, strengthened by the charm of the Fuel Girls.
Either through Black Liner with the FMX Nicolas Texier, Romain Izzo (French) and Genki Watanabe (Japanese) and the quad performers Ales Rozman, Slovenia and Cody Elkins USA, and finally the masterful young Italian, Jason Cesco on his snowmobile! Either through the Monster duet Fred Crosset and Christophe Bruand whose choregraphic and aerial ballet leave you speachless!
In the air on Saturday, the “Patrouille Cartouche Doré” has demonstrated that the « Patrouille de France » is not the only one in the world of aerobatics.
On the ground, the exhibition has gathered the main brands of quads, SxS and car.
The 20,000 visitors could quench their thirst, have enough to eat and shop.
Icing on the cake the very nice retrospective exhibition a recall back 30 years.
To watch again and again in this 3’30” video made by “Faction Audiovisual”, a real treat!

Jean-Philippe AURAY

Anthony Brebant



A magical 30th birthday!