First WORLDWIDE tests.

25/08/2017 - Mondial du Quad 2017

Warnia Wienen is in shape.

During the first test session, the #10 from CLODY team (Composed of WIENEN and WARNIA), won by only 0,483 seconds beforeheand DRAG'€™ON team'€™s #1, with NAVEAUX, CHEURLIN and Romain COUPRIE, who is currently going strong since his come-back.
The young French pilots form L'ENCLAVE team are the only surprise by taking the 3rd place. They finished just before the #12 (Brothers SCHWEDA, who are ex-superquadeurs)
By the way, some team could pretend better : GOLDSPEED #104, BYRAPPORT #2 and MANGIEU-GILLOUIN #3.
A little disappointment for #9Axel DUTRIE'€™s team that ended at the ninth spot.

The week-end has just started, but he is already full of promises. As an example, the victory has been decided in the very last minutes, where, Warnia passed the titleholder.

A stunning week-end is coming !

First WORLDWIDE tests.