Long night at Pont de Vaux

27/08/2017 - PDV Live 12h 2017

Bad moment for mens and bikes. At PDV's world cup, the evening session is always waited a lot. It's the opportunity to show that every pilot must be in shape, and also that the bikes are put to a severe test.

That's the team #2 BYRAPPORT who realized the best start of this session, but the surprising move came from the team LYOLYL #8, when he arrived at the end of the straight line at the 3rd position, and finally placed himself behind RAMEL at the 2nd spot. But, because the night is long at PDV, the leaderboard is evolving quickly. Therefore, after the young LEGER's fall, the Normandy team finished the night at the 38th place.

The first feminins (#15), were very regular, thanks to what they ended the session twelfth.

Even if the DRAG'ON team #1 wasn't in a good position at the beginning, they came back quickly to finish in the 3rd place of this long night, just behind BOISSY and BERODIAUX #6's team, the first to cross the finish line.

WARNIA and WIENEN's engine issue of the last session, was again here, so they only did 34 laps. Unfortunately, the competition is finished for them


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Long night at Pont de Vaux