Italian victory at the contest

27/08/2017 - Mondial du Quad 2017

End of the Kenny Quad Contest. At 9 o'clock this sunday morning, the 100 pilots of this category, came back on the track, for the second and last contest's session.

Quentin Ricard did the best start, but he was quickly passed by Mattia Ioli, galvanized by their (with his teammate) latest prestation. The Italian pilot kept the lead for a long time, until he passed the baton to Ettore Ventura. At midroad, the Dutsch tandem (Phoelich/Giesbertz), who didn't ressuplied yet, was in the lead.

At the end of the race, the French Quentin Ricard, was dominating his concurrence. He crossed the line 5 seconds before the Italian crew (Ioli/Ventura), and 1 minute and a half before Jean-Marie Bernede, a Byrapport pilot.

So Team Nelson Racing's Italians finally triumphed. The second place is for Jean-Marie Bernede, from Aquitaine. Nicola Hernandez ended at the 3rd spot.


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Italian victory at the contest